This site is intended to help coordinate the effort to crowdsource personal protective equipment manufacturing through the use of 3D printing in order to help supply healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This site is intended to help coordinate the effort to crowdsource personal protective equipment manufacturing through the use of 3D printing in order to help supply healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking to help print?

If you have a 3D printer and are willing to help out with the effort to provide frontline workers with personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic find a project below in your area and click the Join this Effort button under that listing to get started. It's as easy as pick-and-print.

Looking for help printing?

If you are coordinating, or are aware of, an effort in your area please click the Submit an Effort button below, or contact us at mail@3dprintedppe.com so that we may evaluate and add the listing. Ensure that the project is equipped and ready to coordinate efforts of 3D printer owners before submitting it. This should include, but is not limited to:

  • A website with clear requirements and instructions for contributors.
  • Contact information for questions.
  • A listing of organizations and/or governing agencies that you are working with if any.
  • The area that you are servicing.
  • A detailed description of your sanitization protocol.
  • An address to accept drop-offs and/or deliveries of completed printed parts if applicable.
Are you ready to bring this effort to the 3D printing community?

Submit an Effort
  • Canada

    • National

      • Maker Militia


        MakerMilitia was created with the simple intention to connect makers with groups in need of their support to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic.

        If you have a 3D printer or a laser cutter, we encourage you to support some of the active projects who have sorted out what files to use, delivery logistics and in some cases Health Canada regulations.

    • Alberta

      • Shield Makers YYC

        Calgary, Alberta

        This volunteer group is intended as a staging ground for conversation and coordination of the quick fabrication of face-protectors to aid in the YYC area's COVID response.

    • British Columbia

      • LNG Studios

        Vancouver, British Columbia

        If you own a 3D Printer, plastic supplier or cutter, we need your help with manufacturing. We can share the design file and printing instructions to get you started if you have a 3D printer. If you have a laser cutter and are able to cut 0.5mm LEXAN and PETG clear sheets, please help us in cutting extra replacement sheets for each face shield. Once the final face shields are made, we’ll help connect you with the network of hospitals who are in need of these face shields. Get in touch with us.

    • Ontario

      • InkSmith

        Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

        InkSmith, located in Kitchener-Waterloo is coordinating an effort to produce the Prusa designed face shields in PLA. Community 3D printer owners may print the parts and ship to or drop them off at InkSmith who is producing the visors and straps. Due to mandatory social distancing guidelines they cannot ask you to leave your house. InkSmith will sanitize, assemble and distribute the face shields.

      • #thePPEdrive

        Toronto, Ontario

        We are calling on the 3D printer community to help create PPE to protect health care professionals. There is a critical shortage of PPE supplies and you can help!

  • Malaysia

    • National

      • TeaMa


        Malaysian 3D printing enthusiasts produce face shields to aid frontliners in fight against pandemic. Do you have 3D printer at your house or workplace, please join us and contribute.

  • Mexico

    • National



        CONMAD-CIDESI has additive manufacturing infrastructure in various technologies SLA, FDM, SLM, DED, DMLM. At this moment we are collecting information about the infrastructure in Mexico.

        Additionally we are evaluating the online available different projects about COVID-19 to share in our website only those validated by medical and manufacturing specialists.

  • United Kingdom

    • National

      • National 3D Printing Society


        The National 3D Printing Society is putting together a National Manufacturing & Distribution Network to meet the demand during the COVID-19 outbreak.

      • 3D Crowd UK


        There are volunteers across the UK who are producing 3D printed Face Shields to help address the shortage of PPE int he UK during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sign-up here.

  • United States of America

    • National

      • Stratasys


        In the United States, Stratasys has set an initial goal of producing 5,000 face shields by Friday, March 27, at no cost to the recipients. This includes both a 3D-printed frame and a clear plastic shield that covers the entire face.

        Any 3D printing shop in the U.S. that wishes to help print plastic frames can fill out an online form to be invited to join the effort. The company is also posting the full face shield printing and assembly instructions by Monday, Mar. 23 on its COVID-19 response page.

      • MatterHackers


        Got idle fabrication equipment in the USA or design skills that you want to put to use in response to COVID-19? Fill out this form and someone will be in touch for more information, or to match you with an opportunity to help. We are only able to facilitate US-based resources at this time.

      • Pacific Northwest


        The PNW - Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies group has been formed to organize, facilitate and manufacture the opensource medical supplies that are currently being developed around the world and supply them to the medical professionals that are desperately in need of help.

    • Maryland

      • We the Builders

        Baltimore, Maryland

        You can download the files to print at home, and send them to Open Works’ team of volunteers who will assemble the shields with a plastic visor and elastic band. Finished face shields will be distributed to hospitals and healthcare organizations in the Baltimore metro area as a first priority. As supply grows, we hope to be able to send further out!

    • Massachusetts

      • Lowell Makes

        Lowell, Massachusetts

        Lowell Makes is asking 3D printer owners in the Lowell, MA area to contribute 3D printed parts for face masks that they are producing. Lowell Makes volunteers are currently working on several initiatives to produce PPE (personal protective equipment), including a collaboration with local nursing staff to 3D print protective masks. At this time, all of our 3D printers are being dedicated to this project. If you have a 3D printer and PLA or PETG filament, please join them in printing as many of these masks as you can.

    • New York

      • Budmen Industries

        Onondaga County, New York

        Budmen Industries is looking for 3D printer owners to register and print 3D face shields for Onondaga County, New York and the surrounding area.

    • Ohio

      • 3D Printing for a Cause

        Toledo, Ohio

        Printing the promedica approved face shields for Promedica Hospitals in the area, ready to expand to other local hospitals.

        RMC Gaming runs a 3d print shop that converted my business to help with relief efforts. They have gathered people in the area and we are printing the approved face shield design for Promedica hospitals (11) in the area. We are currently producing around 1000 per week with room to expand.

  • International

      • Formlabs


        Formlabs is aware of many hardware projects that seek to address global healthcare-related supply shortages around the world. We are reaching out to our amazing community to connect those in need with those who have engineering, clinical, and 3D printing resources to offer. If you are working on COVID-19 related projects and need access to 3D printed parts, or if you have access to 3D printers and are willing to volunteer your time and equipment in this fight against COVID-19, please complete sign-up. We will do our best to connect available printers and relevant services to the people who need them most.

      • #GetUsPPE


        #GetUsPPE is accepting registrations from makers to help coordinate PPE manufacturing efforts.

      • Ultimaker


        Ultimaker is offering to help doctors and other professionals in medical institutions, upon request via this form, by connecting medical institutions and hospitals to printing hubs in the Ultimaker customer network to have them help in printing parts based on available designs. Sign-up to offer your 3D printing services.

      • Masks for Docs


        Have Supplies to donate? Submit your information to volunteer on the ground, donate supplies, or help facilitate distribution to hospitals in your area.

      • 3D Systems


        3D Systems has facilities around the world. Locations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. If you are able to offer your engineering team's time and expertise, or access to 3D printers, we would greatly appreciate your support.

Live 3D Printing

Live 3D Printing

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